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Re-upholster the dining chairs. New fabric gives old chairs a second life.  Faux leather is a good seat choice because it can be easily cleaned and looks good with most any decor.

Replacing old light fixtures, ceiling fans and fluorescent kitchen and bath lighting.  

New kitchen and bath faucets- sometimes it's just the shower knobs. 

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New Paint colors.  White walls are boring.  Choose a cohesive color palette for the whole house- warm tans, yellows, blues. White trim and ceilings make the new wall colors stand out.

Oil the cabinets.  Use lemon oil or a tinted oil polish to refresh dull wooden cabinets.

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I recently worked on an older house in Palos Verdes, CA in which the faucets, tub and shower fixtures were in really bad shape.  I was able to replace all the Kohler fixtures with no problem, but I was unable to find replacements for the shower knobs  because the trim pieces were discontinued.

In a case like this, the best option is to have them re-surfaced.  It wasn't inexpensive, but they turned out beautiful and it saved the trouble of hiring a plumber to replace the valves in the wall.

An excellent tip for caring for bathroom and kitchen fixtures is to periodically wax them with car wax and maintain them with regular cleanings using lemon pledge.  It makes perfect sense because these products protect the metal finishes from water and soap build-up.

Updating the bathrooms with new fixtures was an excellent fix for this old house.  Call us today and we can help you prepare your house for sale or for enjoying.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010​
Home Updates you may have over-looked

​​We get so used to our homes, we often overlook easy updates that can make a big difference.  As a Home Stager I often hear my clients amazement at what a quick transformation a few new items can make.

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