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Home Staging and Interior Design

Fusion Design Consulting

Our range of services include:

  • Custom Decorating
  • De-Cluttering, Cleaning and Organizing    
  • Color consulting
  • Landscaping
  • Shopping
  • Coordinating sub-contractors for any necessary repair work
  • Coordinating all aspects of rental furniture and accessories 
  • Room Re-decorating
  • New furniture Consulting and Sourcing
  • Home finishes Consulting --floors, counter-tops, fixtures, etc..
  • Vacation Home Decorating
  • Professional referrals

Fusion Design Consulting can turn your house into a Model Home whether your selling or enjoying for yourself.

If your home is already listed, our changes will refresh your listing,  MLS pictures, Open Houses and showings.  Your home will have a new appeal and stand out from other houses listed in your area.  This will help it show better and sell faster, giving you an advantage over the competition.

If your home has been on the market a while, please call us- our interior design skills can help you sell without having to reduce the price.  It is important to remember that home staging is sure to cost less than a reduction of the list price.

Fusion Design Consulting can fill a vacant house with furniture and accessories giving it color, warmth and life.  We turn cold, empty houses into comfortable homes that buyers can picture themselves living in.

Home staging is an excellent marketing tool that prepares your house for showing and selling.  The home staging process begins with a 1-2 hour consultation.

This initial consultation is a working meeting where you will see instant results.  We will begin with a walk-through of your house inside and out to assess and accentuate its best features and work on potential problem areas.  Furniture and accessories can be re-arranged on the spot and color palettes discussed.

After this meeting you will have a clear plan on how to fabulously show off your home to attract the most buyers.  You can decide if you want to do it yourself, let us do it for you- or a combination of both.

Fusion Design Consulting can help you at any stage of the selling process.  Staging prior to listing ensures your house is evaluated and priced at maximum value and is ready for showing.

What we do...   The Home Staging Process